Menopause and Your Skin Part 3

Acnadult-acnee and breakouts

The reduction of estrogen will take a toll on your body by allowing more testosterone to come through. This can result in the production of a thick sebum that can block your pores. When this happens, microcysts may form around the mouth, chin and jawline. There are few pustules and papules, but lesions may be deeper. This means that they will be more difficult to treat.

Ingredients that help resurface the skin include vitamin A,  salicylic and glycolic acid, which can be used to help treat the skin more effectively by decreasing oil production, removing built-up dead skin cells and even reducing inflammation.  Your skin care professional should have options for you in office as well as for home care.

Make sure you  don’t squeeze or manipulate anything that shows up on your face. This may result in spreading the bacteria within the pustules.

-coming 12/23