What to Look for in a Professional Waxer


Clients today have a choice as to where to go for waxing. Spas and salons that are clean and sanitary will win the business. Do research to find a business that follows these sanitary practice methods and provide high quality service.

  • Tweezers or scissors are pulled from aestheticians pocket or drawer and not disinfected and sanitized and visibly removed after you have entered the room
  • The aesthetician does not clean hands and wear gloves
  • Tools are strewn across the trolley and not kept in sanitary quarters
  • The table is not sanitized or sheets are not changed upon your entrance into the treatment room
  • A clean disposable waxing stick is used for every wax application
  • The wax pots are clean and not dripping with wax
  • A thorough intake is offered and proper post care is discussed

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