Explaining Reiki Energy Therapy

ReikiEnergy therapy (Reiki) is a type of holistic therapy. Energy therapists believe that there’s more to you than just your physical body. In other words, we believe that you’re more than just a pile of chemicals, or a machine. Energy therapy works to influence these non-physical aspects, which we call “energy,” to help them be more balanced and harmonious.

So when a client comes in to see me, I talk to them for a while to find out what their issues and goals are, then I have them lie down on a comfortable massage table. Depending on their goals, I gently touch their physical body in certain places to influence it to be more harmonious, flowing and balanced. Sometimes people experience physical or emotional healing or relief,sometimes they have insights and understandings that help them in their lives. Almost always, they become very, very relaxed, which in itself is very good for their health.

So what is this “energy” that we’re talking about healing?  It’s not as esoteric as you may think. In fact, it surrounds you and embraces you—invisible, like the air you breathe, and just as real.

Also called prana, chi, ki, and qi, it is the life force that is the basis and animating power for the universe and everything in it. It surrounds us, permeates us, sustains us, and connects us to all things.

It’s like the ocean, with each of us like a drop of water—-part of the ocean and yet at the same time, in some circumstances, separate. To put it another way, everyone and everything has its own energy field, which is both part of the larger, universal field, and in some ways separate from it.

You may think that this intangible force or field is something that can be perceived and understood and influenced by only a few gifted people–but that’s not the case.  You constantly experience it and interact with it:

  • When you walk into someone’s home and instantly do or don’t like the way it feels.
  • When you’re in a forest, and have a feeling of deep peace and renewal.
  • When you put your arm around a troubled friend, and he feels better.
  • When you speak up and bring calm and reason back to a group that has become angry and irrational.
  • When you liven up a dull party.

It’s everywhere, as common–and as miraculous–as the air we breathe, the light of the sun and stars, the love of our family and friends.  Yet it can be difficult for people to understand the concept of this invisible field.

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