Benefits of Marma Therapy

Foot massageMarma points act as ‘relay stations’ along the body’s subtle energy circuitry. If the marma points are functioning well, prana will flow along the nadis without interference. However, if they are not, energy will become sluggish or stagnant at the site of a marma point. This is where marma therapy plays a vital role in health maintenance. Marma therapy incorporates the stimulation of these points to help maintain the optimum flow of prana.

The following is a summary of the main benefits of this dynamic therapy.

Marma therapy:
• removes energy blockages and improves energy flow
• releases and eliminates stored wastes and toxins
• helps release stored negative emotions
• helps with stress reduction (calms the mind and emotions)
• eases fatigue and helps energise
• helps restore doshic balance
• treats specific health issues
• maintains health and aids prophylaxis
• assists rejuvenation therapy
• gives pain relief