What to Expect After a Facial

When it comes to facials, one of the most common questions I hear is “Is it normal to breakout after a facial?” While breakouts should not occur after a facial, there are many positive things that should.  So what happens after a facial? Why is getting a facial good for your skin? Read below as I share the main benefits of a facial that one can expect after seeing an esthetician.

Glowing Skin

This expression is often used by estheticians, but what does that mean? If experiencing a brightening facial, skin will appear more luminescent and even toned post facial. Remember though, results will be better and more visible with regular treatments.

Rosy Skin

With a facial comes a facial massage. One of the benefits of facial massage is that it helps blood circulate.  Proper blood flow carries oxygen and other nutrients to the skin’s surface and may aid in releasing toxins in the body. When blood is circulating, this can cause skin to appear rosy, which is completely normal.

Hydrated Skin

Part of facials includes being treated with a serum, moisturizer and mask that utilize hydrating ingredients, such as seaweed. For dry skin types, this is essential. It is also essential for skin that is dehydrated, which even oily or problem skin can suffer from. Hydration is the key for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Smoother Skin

With seaweed-based facial treatments,skin will feel more hydrated, which is key to helping it feel and appear smoother. Rough skin can also be a result of dead skin cell build up. If an exfoliating facial scrub or chemical peel is part of the facial treatment, skin will feel smoother post-facial.

Skin that Gets Better over Time

But here’s the catch: This comes with consistent appointments and treatments. Like going to the gym, with one facial will not cause an immediate change in the skin.  With commitment, however, results will show!