Massage Therapy for Sinus Pain

What is a sinus massage?

Sinus massage is a 30-45 minute gentle massage around the neck, head, and sinus areas. There are many goals for sinus massages, but mainly to alleviate some of the pain and inflammation and to help promote drainage of the sinuses. During a sinus massage, the neck is addressed first, followed by the head and sinuses. There typically is some drainage during the massage, but have no fear, there will be plenty of tissues and there will be time to sit up during the massage to let gravity do its job!Blausen_0800_Sinusitis

Who should get a sinus massage?

Everyone can benefit from this kind of massage. You might actually be surprised in how much pressure it can relieve. Specifically, sinus massage is good for people with allergies, sinus pain, neck pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, and more!

What does the massage feel like?

A sinus massage is very gentle, mainly because the sinuses are more superficial than you might think (meaning they are very close to the surface of the skin). Oftentimes, people with chronic sinus issues tend to dig into their face to try and relieve the pain. It’s kind of like picking at a bad tooth. It feels good, to begin with, but then you have a big infection a couple days later. Rather than rubbing your face with a lot of pressure, you should be very gentle with your sinuses.

Usually, clients tend to feel relief during the massage and hours later, when inflammation may start to subside.

How does the area we live in affect our sinuses?

The Bloomington/Normal area can make a person with allergies and sinus issues absolutely miserable. Because of rapid pressure changes, high humidity, and pollen, this area can be quite tough on the body. A sinus massage can be very helpful in encouraging the drainage of your sinuses, especially when living in an area where it becomes difficult for your sinuses to get relief. Just like anything else that you maintain (brushing your teeth or whatever it may be), it’s very important to address the sinuses regularly.