Benefits of a Cold Stone Massage

Much has been written about hot stone massage and the many benefits that it can add to a massage session.  Cold stone therapy and its amazing benefits are not widely known.

The use of cold stones during a stone massage session helps to minimize soreness when receiving deep tissue therapy. The cold stones also help to pull excess heat out of inflamed areas. By reducing inflammation, your body’s natural healing processes can begin.

The use of cold massage stones are also known for helping to reduce anxiety, PMS and menstrual discomfort, nasal congestion, and fatigue.

During the early onset of a migraine headache, cold stones are excellent for directly impacting the vascular component of the migraine. By helping to constrict the blood vessels around the head and neck, blood flow will be reduced to a more normal level. This will help to reduce the throbbing  sensation,  which will enable you begin to feel more calm.

Marble massage stones are metamorphosed limestone that is white or light in color and formed beneath the seabed. Physically, it’s thought that another of the benefits of cold stone massage using marble improves the processing of calcium in the body, stimulates the metabolism, fortifies immunity, and encourages the healing of tissue and bone.