Here’s Why You Should Consider Adding CBD to Your Next Massage Appointment

Remember the last time you had a deeply nourishing massage? When time stood still and your body got to take a long, deep exhale? We all know that massages and stretching are good for us. The wear and tear of daily life means we get tight, our range of motion is often impeded, and sometimes we’re just straight up stressed!

But did you know that adding a CBD cream, with its relaxation, restorative, and pain relieving properties, makes it the perfect complement to a massage?


For Some Major T.L.C., Just Add CBD

Stretching and massage with a high-quality CBD cream doesn’t justf eel good for your tired body, it helps you reach peak performance. How? By improving your range of motion and posture, accelerating muscle recovery, reducing pain, increasing longevity and basically just chilling you out!

Here are four surprising benefits of enlisting CBD’s help to soothe your problem areas:

1. Reduces Muscle Pain and Stiffness

CBD fights inflammation in muscles by activating the pathways of existing cannabinoid (CB2) receptors in the body and then reducing soreness and stiffness.

2. Enhances Relaxation

When we feel out of balance or in pain, it can be hard to relax. Because CBD works directly at the site of irritated nerve receptors, it desensitizes pain, allowing the body to relax instead of spasm.

3. Musculoskeletal and Joint Pain Relief

CBD is a highly-targeted approach to pain relief because of the way it works as a lock and key system with the human body. Injuries to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves all respond well to CBD massage.

4. Boosts Sensory Stimulation

CBD leaves you feeling relaxed and alert (as opposed to groggy or high). This is because it’s been found to positively affect receptors in the body that control serotonin levels, which in turn reduces stress, lowers anxiety levels, and boosts your mood.

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