How Corporate Chair Massage Programs Benefit Your Company


Enhance Employee Hiring And Retention Activities

No matter what the economy, valuable workers can take their pick of jobs. For as little as $10 per employee per year, a corporate chair massage program can have a big impact your company. Even a single Employee Appreciation massage day can lift morale or help your company get through a tough patch.

With the sky-rocketing costs of health insurance, many companies struggle to find benefits to help attract and retain employees.

Corporate Massage programs increase job satisfaction and create a caring environment that employees appreciate.

Lift Morale

Massage creates a positive workplace culture, and let’s employees know you really care about their well-being.

Deal With A Crisis Or “Crunch” Time

Massage can help your team get through a demanding time or reward them for their extra effort.  A number of our customers use massage to relieve the stress of restructuring, moving, budget season, or other hectic times of the year. Others call us in to help keep everyone healthy and on the job when a deadline or product launch is causing stress.

Some clients even use Corporate Chair Massage as a gift to their clients to show support during stressful times!