Help Lymph Flow with Foot & Leg Massage

The lymphatic system handles removing toxins, waste, and other foreign materials from the body. It's the main highway for the body's primary natural defense: white blood cells. Leg massage will promote the drainage of fluids in the legs that build up over time or after surgery.  If you've ever had a leg injury or surgery that has … Continue reading Help Lymph Flow with Foot & Leg Massage


Improve Circulation with a Foot & Leg Massage

The blood vessels in the legs carry the oxygen these limbs need for a wide range of physical activity. The lack of physical activity, poor eating habits, or daily stress can decrease leg circulation which leaves legs physically weaker. If you notice that your legs hurt or don't move as quickly as they should, consider … Continue reading Improve Circulation with a Foot & Leg Massage

Correct Posture with Foot & Leg Massage

A leg massage can help improve a misaligned posture, which may improve this lower pain. The feet and legs form the foundation of your posture. Massaging legs will improve this foundation and, in turn, help the upper half.  If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, try a leg massage to ease these issues.

Improve Lower Body Flexibility with Foot & Leg Massage

When a massage works out overworked muscles, it can release tension and improve flexibility.  Massaging affects the flexibility of the lower trunk, including the lower back, thighs, legs, and feet. This is beneficial for physical activities like walking, along with general health. Improved flexibility is helpful for increasing a person's range of motion and preventing injury. Consider a leg massage … Continue reading Improve Lower Body Flexibility with Foot & Leg Massage

Reiki for Mental Health

More and more mental health professionals are seeking ways to empower clients with tools to manage their emotional and physical discomfort. Anxiety and emotional discomfort may provide information regarding behavioral and life changes that would be more healthful. Reiki allows clients to ground and be fully present in their bodies, listening to what the body, … Continue reading Reiki for Mental Health