Massage Therapy

37430093115_be66f5150aScoliosis Massage    60 minutes   $80

In 2008, my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis.  Since then, I have studied and practiced massage techniques that can benefit others with scoliosis and now specialize in this type of massage.

While massage can’t fix the underlying cause of scoliosis, medical research has found that it can provide temporary relief from scoliosis pain and other symptoms.


Pain Relief Massage    30/60/90 minutes   $50/80/110

Best for chronic pain or injuries.


Relaxing Massage    30/60/90 minutes   $45/75/100

A full body massage, best for stress reduction, relaxation and minor muscle soreness/tension.


Reiki Energy Therapy      40-60 minutes    $60

I find this therapy hard to explain to others.  You really have to experience it for yourself to understand it’s benefits.  Simply put, Reiki balances the energy flow within the body and allows for your natural healing processes to occur.  It will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced-great for stress and those with a busy mind.